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Installit AS and Offshore Power Group AS (OPG AS) have decided to merge their operations in order to strengthen and cooperate towards an increasingly challenging market that puts pressure on administration and cost efficiency in the whole service chain. Installit AS takes over 100% of the shares in Offshore Power Group AS, and former owner…(Read More)

In April 2015, Offshore Power Group AB (OPG) signed a sub-consulting agreement with FRECC AB to provide installation support services to the Konti-Skan cable replacement project. FRECC AB have the main agreement with the end client Svenska kraftnät for the complete cable consulting scope of work…(Read More)

In order to meet the market and provide the best service to our Norwegian customers Offshore Power Group has established Offshore Power Group AS, a limited company registered in Norway. From the beginning of 2016 OPG AS is fully operative, providing services to our clients…(Read More)

Offshore Power Group have under the framework agreement with Statnett, been awarded to provide a Senior Marine Installation Engineer and a Submarine Cable Installation and Survey Engineer from January 2016 with a duration of one year plus extension options. The senior engineers shall service Statnett’s ongoing HVDC and HVAC submarine cable projects. OPG is…(Read More)

Offshore power Group AB has now been validated and pre-qualified by the Achilles Sellihca supplier qualification system. Sellihca is a supply chain management community for the Nordic Utilities sector, managing supplier information and risk within the supply chain, ensuring compliance to the industry standard as well as to procure efficiently in accordance with EU…(Read More)