Offshore Power Group AB have been awarded significant frame work agreement with Statnett


Offshore Power Group AB (OPG) has been awarded a framework agreement from Statnett for the supply of qualified engineering and support services for HV cable systems and installation. OPG is very pleased to receive Statnett’s trust and we are confident to contribute positively to Statnett’s operations and projects.

The agreement was signed 1st September 2015 and is valid for two years, plus options for one plus one year. To deliver the extensive range of services:

  • Engineering of subsea and underground cable installations
  • Design, calculation and technical studies of subsea installation and deck equipment
  • Technical support for procurement and project execution
  • Operational manager for Statnett own managed subsea installations and repairs
  • Company representatives
  • Participation in emergency drills for subsea repairs

OPG have also subcontracted: Primo Marine b.v., divisionM AB, FRECC AB and OU AB.

A kick off meeting was held at Statnett’s premises on the 14 September.

About Statnett:

Statnett is the system operator in the Norwegian energy system. This means operating about 11 000km of high-voltage power lines and 150 stations all over Norway. Statnett is also responsible for the connections to Sweden, Finland, Russia, Denmark, the Netherlands and the future HVDC links to Germany and UK that are under construction.