Offshore Power Cable Services

Our objective is to provide the subsea power cable market with highly qualified personnel and engineering services

Our core strength is our experienced personnel who have extensive background in high voltage cable manufacturing and installation, ranging from small to mega projects. The key areas we cover are:

  • Cable design and analyses
  • Cable accessories (e.g. joints, hang-offs, tie-backs, end terminations, seals)
  • Cable testing. Type testing, FAT and SAT for HVAC and HVDC cable systems
  • Cable jointing/terminating (XLPE HVAC/HVDC and MI cables)
  • Offshore construction and installation engineering
  • Pre-construction surveys
  • Vessel modification and mobilisation
  • Cable load out and laying
  • Route preparations, PLGR, RC, dredging, pre-rock dumping
  • Cable trenching in soft to hard sea bed conditions
  • As-built survey and documenting
  • Cable Repairs

The above includes HVAC and HVDC XLPE cables, and paper insulated HVDC cables. Our target areas are subsea HVAC and HVDC cable systems for:

  • Interconnectors
  • Export cables
  • Power from shore
  • Array cables
  • Onshore cables, if required, and when part of the above


OPG’s typical clients are:

  • Developers and EPC contractors in the oil and gas market
  • Utility owners and joint ventures/investors for interconnectors and offshore wind
  • Large design and engineering companies
  • Installation contractors
  • General EPCI contractors


OPG covers the key categories with experienced personnel:

  • Project Manager
  • Contract Manager
  • Quantity Surveyor
  • Installation/Site/Construction Manager
  • Marine Coordinator
  • Cable Design Engineer
  • Installation Engineer
  • HV Cable Jointer
  • Surveyor

In addition OPG cooperates within an extensive network in the Offshore Industry and will be able to provide the clients with highly qualified personnel and services whenever a project requires. By this we can provide a complete management solution to a subsea cable project.

OPG offshore personnel possess all the necessary medical and other certifications necessary to work on the UK and Norwegian shelf. In the Wind Industry certification is in accordance with GWO.