Konti-Skan electrode cable replacement


In April 2015, Offshore Power Group AB (OPG) signed a sub-consulting agreement with FRECC AB www.frecc.se to provide installation support services to the Konti-Skan cable replacement project. FRECC AB have the main agreement with the end client Svenska kraftnät www.svk.se for the complete cable consulting scope of work.

The electrode cable shall be replaced on the Swedish side between Torred and Risö and consists of approximately 5 km of underground and 4 km of subsea cable. A fibre optic cable for communication purposes shall be installed close and/or bundled to the electrode cable. The construction work commenced on site in May 2016 and is in full progress.

The subsea cable shall be installed during Q3 and Q4 2016 and the project shall be completed by December 2016.

About the Konti-Skan HVDC cable interconnector:

The first interconnection between Sweden and the western grid in Denmark was established in 1965 with the 250 MW 250 kV Konti-Skan HVDC link across the Kattegatt, stretching from Gothenburg in Sweden to Aalborg in Denmark. The owners of the link are Energinet DK and Svenska kraftnät.

A second Konti-Skan cable rated 300 MW was added in 1988 from Lindome on the Swedish side to Vester Hassing.