Offshore Power Cable Services

We provide the subsea power cable market
with highly qualified services and personnel:

Our core strength is our experienced personnel with extensive background in
high voltage cable manufacturing and installation, ranging from small to multi billion projects.

Our key areas:

Cable design and analyses | Cable accessories (e.g. joints, hang-offs, tie-backs, end terminations, seals) | Cable testing. Type testing, FAT and SAT for HVAC and HVDC cable systems | Cable jointing/terminating (XLPE HVAC/HVDC and MI cables) | Offshore construction and installation engineering | Pre-construction survey and route analysis, engineering| Vessel modification and mobilisation | Cable load out and laying | Route preparations, PLGR, RC, dredging, pre-rock dumping | Cable trenching in soft to hard sea bed condition | As-built survey and documenting | Cable Repairs